Choosing An SWFL HVAC Contractor

4 Important Tips for Choosing an HVAC Contractor


Living in Florida, you realize pretty quickly how important it is to have a good air conditioning unit. Between the relentless Florida sun and the year-round heat, your air conditioner can be the difference between a nice, comfy home, or a hot, sweaty one. So when you’re ready to have an air conditioner installed, it’s vital that you select a contractor that knows what he is doing, especially since your air conditioning unit may be one of the most expensive appliances anywhere in your house. Making sure that your contractor installed the appliance properly, got it working as efficiently as possible for your home, and didn’t rip you off in the process can be just as important as the appliance itself. So when you’re looking for someone to install your air conditioner, keep in mind these important tips so that you can get everything that you can out of the appliance.


  1. Make sure your contractor is licensed with Florida.


The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires all HVAC contractors to be licensed and certified with the state. This means going through a designated program, passing the certification exam, and having some experience in the field. When you go to select an HVAC contractor, making sure that they are licensed with the state. Of course, passing the test and acquiring certification may not necessarily mean they are the best choice for your home, but it will at least mean that the contractor knows what he is doing. Think of it like going to a doctor who isn’t licensed with the state. Would you trust that doctor with your physical well-being? Absolutely not. Likewise, you shouldn’t trust a contractor who isn’t licensed or you’re going to end up with a faulty air conditioning unit.


  1. When getting an estimate, always get it in writing.


One of the surefire ways to know that a contractor isn’t a professional is if they’ll try and give you an estimate over the phone. Each air conditioning unit, each home, and each person’s needs are greatly different, and there are dozens of factors that go into pricing. Very little if any of this information can be given over the phone as it will require an in-person inspection to properly figure it all out. If a contractor does try and give you an estimate over the phone, it’s a sign that the contractor is lazy and just trying to make a quick buck off you. Any professional HVAC contractor will be out at your house, surveying the insulation, the windows, the rooms, and the air conditioning unit itself to get you an accurate estimate as well as making sure they get the unit running as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, having an estimate in writing is a sound way for you to make sure you don’t get ripped off by a contractor trying to add hidden fees or do work he was not supposed to do and charge you for it later.


  1. Read reviews and get referrals.


Knowing where to start may be the hardest task when selecting an HVAC contractor. In any given Florida city, there may be dozens of HVAC contractors willing and ready to install an air conditioner. Some of the best advice is to properly do your research and select an HVAC contractor that has great reviews or comes referred. Check Google, talk to your friends about who they used, and even call up the Better Business Bureau. Gather as much information and do as much research as you can before selecting a contractor. The more you know about them the better. Keep in mind that some reviews that you find online, especially for some websites like Yelp, may filter the negative reviews of companies and contractors.


  1. Expect a home evaluation to make sure your air conditioning unit is as energy-efficient as possible.


Any professional HVAC contractor will be out at your home to do an inspection. As mentioned before, if a contractor tries to sell you something over the phone, they are most likely trying to cut corners and save on costs. If an HVAC contractor ever tries to say that they don’t need to come out to inspect your home, they’re most likely not worth picking to work on your air conditioning unit. A proper evaluation of your home will allow the contractor to make your air conditioning unit as efficient as possible, ultimately saving you costs and headaches in the long run.